Saturday, 18 August 2012

IRGM Meets Tony Totch


 IRGM: Tony! Tony!! Tony!!! How have you been?
Tony Totch: Fine,chilling,all thanks to God

IRGM: How has the music been?
Tony Totch: Its been good but a little rough here and there,life aint perfect

IRGM: Good! Most people know you as Tony Totch, I doubt that's your birth name...what is your birth name?
Tony Totch: Anthony toluwalase ugbomah-onalo

IRGM: How long have you been doing music?
Tony Totch: Professionally,not too long,as anthony,been playing the drums since I was 13 in the choir,and have loved music since then

IRGM: what inspired you to go into music?
Tony Totch: I guess it was my talent and the passion I had for music..... Plus while I was growing up I wasn't  part of those kids that wanted to be  doctors ,lawyers,pilots  ETC as for me I just wanted  to do music.

IRGM: You are a musician we have established that. What else do you do on the side?
Tony Totch: I'm  a graduate of computer and information technology,jus graduated a few months back,so waiting to see were that road takes me to,but for now its music.

IRGM: What school did you attend?
Tony Totch: Lead city university

IRGM: Did your parents support your music all the way?
Tony Totch: At first no,later they did,but pulled my ears,saying I should come home with my degree first

IRGM: You've released a couple hit bangers in the past, how do you manage to come up with such good music?
Tony Totch: God and hardwork

IRGM: Do you listen to your own music?
Tony Totch: Not really,I listen to my songs after recording,but once its released,I don't listen to it anymore,its onto the next one

IRGM: what's your inspiration?
Tony Totch: Life and everything I see around me

IRGM: Is there a Mrs Totch?
Tony Totch: Am not married,and am not searching

: If there is one, how long have you two been together?
Tony Totch: *lips sealed*

: Are wedding bells ringing anytime soon?
Tony Totch: That's for God to decided, but I don't think so!!

: How is your relationship with other acts?
Tony Totch: Sweet and wonderful

would you consider yourself as a "Blown" artiste
Tony Totch: Hmmm,yes,but am not there yet

IRGM: I hear you're with Canbit music, how is that going for you?
Tony Totch: Good!!

: if def jam came knocking at your door, would you leave?
Tony Totch: Mos def,canbit wld beat me if I don't

IRGM: What are your plans for the future?
Tony Totch: The very best life can offer

: when are we expecting new Tony Totch music?
Tony Totch: Sooner than u think,it myt be even be before this interview is published

: advice to upcoming acts?
Tony Totch: Hard work and don't let anyone tell u,u can't do it,but first ask yourself if you have what it takes

: what do you think of IRGM?

Tony Totch: Smooth

: Shout outs?
Tony Totch
: to my fans , my team Cmc..... And everyone out  that  supports goodmusic Godbless you all the twitter handle: @tonytotch_cmc facbook:tony totch

: God bless you tonytotch for your time, GGMUB