Saturday, 22 December 2012

HEAD TO HEAD: Yinka Vs Hephzi - Diamonds [Rihanna Cover]

 It is already obvious that talent is something over flowing in the Nigerian youths of today, and it has once again been proven by these two young ladies Yinka and Hephzi. They both covered the hit song titled Diamond by the superstar Rihanna and I must say these girls are outstanding and we've been having trouble picking out which song is better because they are just out of this world.

We placed the songs head to head and have given you our audience a chance to decide which is better, you can vote your favourite song by simply commenting below. I assure you guy that you would all be blown away. PURE TALENT! ENJOY!

Olayinka Idowu
 I am Yinka I was born and raised in Nigeria till the age of ten. I am  an18 year old and I have been singing for as long as I can remember.
My goal with music is to inspire people in any positive way that I can, which is why I did this cover. I hope people will hear it and be inspired to do what they can to better our home which is Africa. I plan on making new music that I hope the world will listen to and love.
Twitter : @iam_olayinka 
Instagram: Olayinkai
 Hephzibah Udoh

Hi I am Hephzibah Udoh, a pre-med chemistry student in Columbus State University, I'm 16 years old and a singer with the group called M.E.M.meaning Music Empowers Minds. I made this cover because of my love for the original song and also to let people know about the group M.E.M before we start releasing our own originals.

Facebook: Hephzigirl Udo
Twitter : @Hephzie_MEM
Instagram: Hephzie

Hephzi - Diamond