Thursday, 20 December 2012



From the stable of the producers of  #Untitled 1,2,3 and 4!!!
Comes another blockbuster for the yuletide season...
What better way to celebrate the end of the year than by partying with your favorite people....
Triple the impact and the aftermath you wont b able 2 handle. Its a convergence of royalty, only the flyest of them all.
                                                       The untitled team presents

                                                ClubD.V8 -14b adeola Hopewell V.I
                                                  On the #22nd December 2012!!!!!!

                                                                      Time - 7pm!

Its gonna be the sickest PARTY EVER!!!
And LIVE on decks we're gonna have Dj NuKidd, Dj GMK, Dj6foot7 & Dj MaxJam to give steady jams till mama calls!!!

Guys - Regular - 2k, Vip - 4k, Vvip - 5k
and for our lovely
Ladies - Regular - 1k, Vip - 2k, Vvip -3k)
Gatefee is Meagre compared to the tonne of fun you're assured!!!!!

Punctuality is emphasized. You don't wanna be late for this one.

Fast Cars, Big Bills, Hunnies, Balles, Spirits, Champagne, Fashion trends...the thrill is. Absolutely endless.

Champagne battle from different sets of people and teams!

Free drinks & bottles for the hottest guys and girls at the party!

Free drinks also for the first few people to come!

Upgrades will be given to a lot of people!

Special guests coming through - Shank, CapB, Phenom, Dpzle, Orezi, karatkid, Samad, kidakudz and a whole lot more!

Proudly Supported by SlickTV, Heritage X&O's, Campus Heat, Caution Ent, Gidi Gang, OverallsGroup Makers of Exquisite Bespoke VelVet Slippers, IRGM, Naijahype, HCC, G9K, UN RASHON, 3KingsMG, Dynasty Entertainment, PartyWorks, Milounge, SneakerboyClothing(SBC) and many more!