Wednesday, 25 September 2013

IRGM Video: Tinie Tempah - Children Of The Sun feat John Martin

Tinie Tempah seeks sunshine in the music video for "Children of the Sun", the official second single from the British rapper's upcoming album "Demonstration", due in stores on November 4th. "Children of the Sun" features Sweden's John Martin in the chorus.
I would have preferred a less 'smart' video, to be honest. It's obvious Tinie and director Jon Jon Augustavo tried to be super cool adding a 'clever' storyline about darkness, and light to the video, opening it with a Japanese intro, but it just doesn't work. The music video is a one-time watch thing for sure. I like "Children of the Sun", and I was hoping the video would help the song, making it attractive to other people, but it seems that won't happen. A morelively would've been better. "Children of the Sun" is out October 28th in the UK.