Friday, 20 September 2013

Meek Mill - Ooh Kill 'em (Kendrick Lamar diss)

Meek Mill responds to Kendrick Lamar‘s verse in Big Sean‘s “Control” in his new song “Ooh Kill Em,” and does so as one of the few rappers that Lamar actually called out. While plenty of MCs said they recognized that K-Dot was hoping to re-ignite hip-hop’s competitive spirit, Meek Mill shows that he understood the challenge by fully embracing it.

The song’s beat? “Forgot About Dre” by Dr. Dre, Lamar’s own mentor. His thoughts on K-Dot calling himself the king of New York? “What the fuck is wrong with you? N—-, step back.” And in between direct jabs at “Control,” Meek Mill flies through disses to novice rappers but also interpolates Migos‘ reeling flow in “Versace” better than Drake did in his own remix. (How could he resist “Versace”? Drake and Justin Bieber certainly couldn’t.)
Hear Meek Mill’s high-energy response “Ooh Kill Em” after the jump.