Monday, 25 November 2013

IRGM Special: Roxanne Jones: Living A Lie

Born and raised in Toxteth, Roxanne is carved from the far from polished exterior of Liverpudlian rock. But don’t let her harsh intonations fool you, hit play on ‘Living A Lie’ and she’ll chisel through your premonitions with a voice as smooth as marble.

‘Living A Lie’ is a story of despair and deceit entwined in a melody so sorrowful, to the beat of a heart that can only be broken, this track tells the pained tale of ultimate betrayal.

Standing faithfully by the side of soul, she showcases subtle influences from the definitive idols of a girl with a dream; Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Rihanna - whilst simultaneously, channeling herself a gap between the greats.

As well as being a gifted musician, Roxanne combined her music with study, gaining a qualification in Health and Social care at Hugh Bird College, a true triple threat with brains, beauty and talent! With music always being the number one passion, Roxanne signed to R-ola productions in 2012 and has already co written her debut album ready to unleash onto the music scene in 2014

You can’t go on ‘Living A Lie’. Introduce yourself to Roxanne L Jones.