Wednesday, 27 November 2013

IRGM Video: Dappy - Tarzan 2.5 (Versace)

26 year old rapper Dappy released a new video for Tarzan 2.5, the latest in the rapper’s “Tarzan” series. This is the latest remix to the catchy street anthem “Versace”, by Atlanta based rap group Migos.

The 26 year old rapper and lead singer of Camden-based group “N-Dubz” is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year he was arrested on suspicion of assault but later bailed, shown at the start of the music video. His cousin and band mate Tulisa Contostvalos was accused by The Sun this year for arranging drug deals for friends. She was later arrested for supplying Class A drugs and bailed.
South London rapper Sneakbo also makes a cameo appearance in the music video which contains a largely party atmosphere. Dappy kills it in this version of “Versace,” the latest of the “Tarzan” series. I still consider him one of the best rap artists in the UK.

Be sure to watch out for “Tarzan 3.”