Monday, 4 November 2013

Lady Gaga - Jewels & Drugs feat T.I Too $hortz and Twista

Lady Gaga announced during her headlining set at the iTunes Festival in London that she wanted to "live outside the box." While it may seem she's been doing that for a while now, she must have been referring specifically to working with some new collaborators outside of her usual genre.

The pop star surprised the festival crowd by inviting renowned rappers Twista and Too $hort to perform with her on stage to debut her new hip-hop flavored "ARTPOP" track, "Jewels and Drugs." The tune features a trio of rappers including T.I., who made a video appearance at the festival because he wasn't able to make it there in person.
"From across the pond, T.I.!" Gaga shouted. "They wouldn't let him into the country, poor thing."
"Jewel and Drugs" kicked off with a rap verse by a digital T.I. before Lady Gaga delivered the chorus, "Don't want your jewels, I want your drug/Don't want your money, want your love."
She then introduced Too $hort, who rocked the crowd before Twista made an entrance to deliver his verse. The Chicago-based rapper and Kanye West collaborator once held the Guinness World Record for fastest rapping, and it shows.

Check it out for yourself below.

Lady Gaga's highly anticipated forthcoming album, "ARTPOP," is scheduled to be released on November 11.