Thursday, 12 December 2013

ICU - Freak Like Me

SA HIPHOP crew ICU has been on a hiatus for about a year since their last video release "Do Your Thing".
The crew has been reforming in 2013 refining their sound and reassembling their team after their lead vocalist left the group to pursue his own solo career.

This was a set back as the group had material they could no longer use but despite all the drama behind the scene the group has been putting in work behind close doors forming their own label Ward66 Entertainment and production house 66Beats, landing two deals with Sony Music. The group has also finished their EP titled "Who's Wally" which is due for release early 2014. Leading up to the release of the EP the group will be dropping brand new tracks that didn't make it onto the project once a week, a trend they call #ICUFriday. The past two weeks has seen them release "New Faces" and "Freak Like Me" two high quality tracks that just proves that ICU is back and better than ever before which only makes us question how good their EP will be?  2014 will also be the year the group is intending to drop their debut album "Finding Waldo". ICU is definitely back at it a lot more wiser, business minded and talented with the launch of their label website due to launch soon. 2014 is going to be an interesting year for the group and the rest of HipHop as ICU is set on proving HipHop Magazine HYPE for dubbing them one of the top 5 urban music acts for the coming years.