Monday, 1 September 2014

Charlie X Presents #BrokenSpeakerSymphony by Paybac

Charlie X Presents #BrokenSpeakerSymphony by Paybac. This EP is one of the best works i've heard in a long while. This beast of rapper named Paybac has broken free and is paving his own way.

Heres the video to his "Paybac's Volvo Music" 

Track List

- #BrokenSpeakerSymphony
- God is my witness feat Ruby Gyang
- Paybac's Volvo Music
- Waiting Game feat Yvng Po' & Boogey
- The Bad Bxxxh Song
- The Nazarene feat Jumar
- Beautiful Seedfeat Danny Gomez, Ruby Gyang & Charlie X
-Waiting Game Reprise feat XnO