Thursday, 2 October 2014

Nico & Vinz - When The Day Comes [Official Video]

Nico & Vinz are an international music sensation who have already set the European entertainment scene on fire. 
The songwriters of Ivorian and Ghanian backgrounds respectively have come together fusing their varied eclectic influences—from pop to reggae, West African dance to hip hop, rock to soul—to create an engaging sound featuring soul-stirring messages that claim high hopes for the future.
Since their debut in 2010 as Envy, Nico & Vinz have drawn huge audiences thanks to their unique performance style.  They stepped on the scene at the Emegenza Festival where they eventually won first place for new, emerging artists at the Taubertal Open Air Festival with their electric live performance.

Fueled by global ambitions, they are getting ready to release their debut album, Black Star Elephant on the 14th of October, 2014.

Nico & Vinz mak available for viewing their latest video "When The Day Comes" Enjoy!