Friday, 26 December 2014

Mixtape Download: The mAverick - Mean Smile EP

Here's an entirely introspective EP (extended play), from a rather unique artist, in a unique style that's got your ears perked up a bit. The mAverick is on the controversial side of hip-hop music, and very much a classic rapper. Barely 2 months after he released the controversial 2 minute rap interlude on a popular afrobeat, MeanSmile EP is now being released by the artist's own brand 'Mindage'. 9 tracks including an interlude, outro, and intro, spanning a total of 27:27 is bound to captivate and inspire any one. He doesn't hold back the vibe of real truth and issues as he attacks the beats in some tracks declaring himself ahead of others. 

The beats are equally as dope and classic as real hip-hop demands. I think its about time you heard it.