Wednesday, 31 December 2014

WülfPakAllderdice: Caesar aka Conscious Tafari - Caesar's ADHD Vol 1

ADHD was put together under quiet mediocre conditions but made listenable by the exemplary ɪɡˈzɛmpləri,ɛɡ-/ efforts of the producer and the artiste.

Caesar aka Conscious Tafari and Somto 'Wizz'rd' Madueke present you with this scintillating piece of work titled Caesar's ADHD Vol 1.

Mind you, it is not for the average listener, this project is a book and the songs are her chapters, painting a picture of life through the eyes of the artiste, so for the simple mind, we ask that you skip this post.

Oh! and one more thing, you gotta be hii! for this

Yah Bless!

HAPPY 2015!

Executive Producers: Caesar aka Conscious Tafari and Somto 'Wizz'rd ' Madueke 

For (R) WülfPakAllderdice, a division of (R) IRGM Worldwide 2014

All Samples in this project are simply an appreciation of art by its original creator, no intentions to steal rather promote.